At IMB, we obtain signed agreements from buyers who want information about your property. These confidentiality agreements work to make sure your business information stays private! We construct the clear message that your privacy is imperative.

So, you want to sell your property! Finding a balance between getting the word out effectively while being discreet can be a challenge. We target Principals and Buyers as authorized recipients of sensitive financial data.

The nature of the hotel, motel sector necessitates good communication with interested Buyers who require sufficient information to evaluate the property. Not only the value of the real estate is scrutinized, but the profitability of the operations and projections for the future. In order to do this, vital information needs to be shared on a need-to-know basis.

Choose representation with the expertise to protect your confidentiality. Representation with the maturity to share only the information that is germane to the transaction. The information you share with us, stays with us until it is officially released.

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Why do I need a hotel broker? photograph
  • HOTEL/MOTEL investments are highly specialized.
    They can provide higher returns on investment than most other types of real estate. They also can provide generous tax shelter benefits.
  • Why are hotels unique in the real estate market?
    Because, they are a hybrid investment; part real estate and part business. Understanding both aspects are essential to making a profitable investment.
  • Buying and selling at a good price is essential.
    But, an excellent specialized broker can help identify values that may be hidden and overlooked through careful analysis.
  • Analyze trends, location, competition, financials.
    Take what you know about your needs and add it to our experience in brokering hundreds of transactions and discover a winning formula!

We represent sellers and buyers
in any type of market conditions

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International Motel Brokers
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“Our transaction was full of land mines, Jan helped overcome the obstacles”
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“After years of searching for a professional attitude, we found it!”
Client : W. Clark
“We wouldn’t have been able to succeed without your help on this purchase”
Client : K. Naisbitt