A Successful Outcome Begins With the First Steps

step one: Collect the Data
step two: Interpret the Results
step three: Make the Plan

Through proper broker evaluation you can enter the market correctly out-of-the gate knowing the price is based on ready numbers investors are accustomed to, and that fit within expected profits in today’s market. Prepare for success to sell or establish value for many reasons using the following proven methods.

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A Current Formal BOV (Broker Opinion of Value) contains the following:

  • Accurate Legal Description
  • Location and Market information
  • Written Statement of Value
  • Supportive Factual Information
  • Comparable Sales
  • Narrative, Executive Summary

If you are getting a project off the ground or in S.O.S. mode, check in with us. Assigning you access to proven and motivated property management consulting on a contract basis could be just what you need to shape up the bottom line and prepare your property for sale or to optimize your profits in general. Golf resort, bar, convention center, food service management consultants can be made available through our unique networking resource offering qualified, experienced consultants. Our Network is Ready to Serve You!

An essential part of any transaction is targeted financing. Starting out with the right lender can save precious time and in this business, that can mean the difference between taking over before the high profit season or having to settle for the “off season”. Our trusted consultants can find the good rates and terms for your project with an eye for the timing. Our Network is Ready to Serve You!

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Why do I need a hotel broker? photograph
  • HOTEL/MOTEL investments are highly specialized.
    They can provide higher returns on investment than most other types of real estate. They also can provide generous tax shelter benefits.
  • Why are hotels unique in the real estate market?
    Because, they are a hybrid investment; part real estate and part business. Understanding both aspects are essential to making a profitable investment.
  • Buying and selling at a good price is essential.
    But, an excellent specialized broker can help identify values that may be hidden and overlooked through careful analysis.
  • Analyze trends, location, competition, financials.
    Take what you know about your needs and add it to our experience in brokering hundreds of transactions and discover a winning formula!

We represent sellers and buyers
in any type of market conditions

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International Motel Brokers
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